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About Ms Lisa's Tax Service


Ms. Lisa's Tax Service is a full service Tax Preparation firm, operating under the Colbert/Ball Tax Franchise. Ms Lisa owns and operates 3 franchise locations in the Houston area and offers a full array of services. Ms Lisa is staffed with a team of seasoned tax professionals to assist on all levels of taxation. Each preparer is trained annually on all federally laws and compliance to ensure accurate and effective filing of tax returns. When you sit down with one of Ms. Lisa's tax professionals you will receive indebt consultations to obtain knowledge on your rights and responsibilities as tax payers.  We GAURANTEE maximum refunds because we take the time to ask the questions others do not....why? Because it's your Money and at Ms. Lisa's Colbert/Ball Tax Service Houston, we want you to Keep it! To learn more about Ms. Lisa's team please follow this link.

Ms. Lisa (Lesa), MBA, CP, ERO, LIA, CAPM


Ms. Lisa has over a decade of experience in the tax preparation business. She owns and operates three offices in the Houston area. She frequently speaks at carious financial seminars to keep taxpayers up to date on their rights and responsibilities as tax payers. For more information about Ms. Lisa, please visit our site at